Netflix Prize Winners May Be Disqualified

I’ve been following the Netflix Prize for years. This is the contest that gives all comers a chance to try and beat the formidable Cinematch algorithm that Netflix uses to give customers highly targeted recommendations. According to a recent email, Netflix may be preparing to announce the disqualification of the leading team “BellKor’s Pragmatic Chaos” who submitted results that beats Cinematch by the contest’s goal of 10%.

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How to Opt Out of Twitter Spam

I joined Twitter a little over a year ago and have been learning how to be a good twitizen ever since. I would follow people that
were interesting or who were talking about topics that interested me. When I first joined, it seemed to be populated mainly with real people but as time passed I started seeing twitter accounts that were automated. I would
follow someone and within seconds or minutes I received a direct message thanking me for following them. I know that Twitter has
an API but I couldn’t imagine that everyone I was receiving the direct messages from knew how to do that.

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Merry Christmas with Tony Bennett and Free Christmas Songs

This is cool and a little surreal. iTunes offers free song downloads every week. Normally, its obscure bands with new songs but this week, we something old and something new but both well known!

The first song is Tony Bennett’s rendition of Winter Wonderland.
This song can also be used as a ringtone. What better way to get the Christmas spirit.
Did you know Tony has a MySpace site ( and about an hour after I added him as a friend last night Tony confirmed me as a friend. Yeah, yeah…I know…don’t even say it. I still believe in Santa Claus too!
Sometime I need to tell you how Tony Bennett caused us to have to wait 2 hours to get into a toy store…true story!

The second song that iTunes is offering is It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas sung by Harry Connick Jr. If you’ve heard him you know that no one in this century can hold a candle to him. If you haven’t…where have you been!? Either way, now’s your chance to download this song for free to listen to on iTunes or download to your iPod.

Tell anyone you think could use some Christmas cheer! The songs are only free till next tuesday…get ’em while you can!

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