GParted – A Hidden Gem

In the past, i’ve used all sorts of different tools to accomplish the task of formatting and partitioning hard-drives. I’ve done it from the command line in DOS, Linux and at some point in the past, even OS/2. Recently, I needed to resize a partition on my Mac laptop and discovered GParted bundled with Ubuntu 6. All I can say is WOW! This is a phenomally useful tool. GParted supports creating, moving and resizing pretty much any filesystem most of us will every encounter including HFS+ (Mac OSX default file system). In order to resize an HFS+ filesystem you must disable journaling. You can do this using the “Disk Utility” or from the command line (click here for help with this).

According to the feature list GParted supports the following file systems:


Not too shabby! Even better, the GParted project has created a Live-CD for Intel-based systems. With the number of different file systems that are supported, I may start using this instead of my trusty UBCD for partitioning computers.

You can download GParted and its Live-CD from Source Forge at the following address:


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