Monthly Archives: November 2006

OS X Security

Another vulnerability has been found in OS X related to their disk image format. This is on an operating system that openly thumbs its nose at Windows for being insecure. There is even a commercial poking fun at the viruses that plague so many Windows users but seem to ignore the Mac.But the irony is that Windows is a victim of its success. Regardless of whether you like Windows or not, the fact of the matter is that it is the dominant operating system. According to the MarketShare service by Net Applications, the market share for Windows was 94% compared to 5% for the Mac for general usage.

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Customer Support and Email Worms

This morning, I received a spam email with a worm attached that actually made it past my spam filters and I have to admit, it is pretty clever. In fact, the thing that impresses me is the amount of social engineering and creativity that goes into these attacks. Continue reading

Microsoft Firefox?!

I couldn’t help myself with this one. It’s been a very long day and my son walks in and says, “Pull up a browser and go to…” I couldn’t help but laugh…


Apple Boot Camp Part 1 – OS X and Windows XP Pro

I’ve finally found a minute to finish my review of Apple’s Boot Camp. While I’ve read mixed reviews elsewhere, it worked beautifully…as long as I could live with certain limitations.

First, it assumes that you only have a single partition on your hard-drive with Mac OS X. When you first run Boot Camp, you must have a single HFS partition on your hard-drive that takes up all available space. When I first tried to install Boot Camp, I decided to pre-partition my hard-drive with an HFS partition, an NTFS partition and an ext3 partition along with a linux swap partition. Turns out, I wasted my time. Boot Camp simply didn’t want to operate in that environment. Continue reading

Browzar – A False Sense of Security

When I first read about Browzar, I was impressed by the hype. After further investigation, I found the product to be easy to use…no installation required and with the simplest and most straightforward of interfaces. A perfect browser for most people…just so long as you don’t expect to actually protect your privacy. Continue reading