The Experiment – Part 4 – What Countries Are Doing the Most Hacking

I’m still wrestling with the best way to represent the data from my Honeypot experiment. The plan is to create a color-code map to represent the data in different ways. I’m looking at software like GMT (Generic Mapping Tools) and Quantum GIS which uses the formidable GRASS open-source GIS system. I’ve even started dumping data into Google Base (more on this in an upcoming article) just to explore that as an option since it heavily tied into Google Maps. Regardless, I have not settled on a presentation format for the data. Once I do, i’ll start updating it regularly. “The Experiment” is so interesting to me that I’ve decided to continue the honeypot and perhaps even launch more honeypots.

Until i’ve settled on a presentation format, i’m simply going to post some of the statistics here.

Country Percent
United States 37%
United Kingdom 10%
Brazil 6%
Germany 5%
Morocco 3%
Russian Federation 3%
Spain 3%
Mexico 2%
Australia 2%
Canada 2%
Sweden 2%
Other 26%

Hacking Attempts by Country of Origin


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