Privacy and iTunes

If given a choice between privacy and security or convenience, we’ll choose convenience every time. The problem is that on the Internet most people don’t get to choose. Most privacy losses that result from technology are the result of ignorance. That used computer you just purchased that has the previous owners Quicken data intact on the hard-drive; the countless unsecured wireless networks; the accidental responses made by family and friends to a phishing site that is lucky enough to target the same bank used by the unlucky victim. The privacy concerns over iTunes putting your personal information in the music you buy are not worth losing sleep over.

Most people willingly give away more information to sweepstakes, magazine subscriptions, contests, market surveys, free website subscriptions all of whom immediately turn around and sell your mailing list information. And they usually do it for something less tangible than a song for which they are willing to pay a whole dollar.

The information embedded in the music is their to protect the artists and the content publishers. Right or wrong, music is a business and they believe they have to take steps to protect their revenue. These steps are not always well considered but the intent is clear. In return, with the removal of DRM, we get the music with none of the restrictions. I can now use my iTunes music on any player or any computer with no restrictions. I no longer have to worry about losing my licenses and thereby access to my music. Is it worth it? Sure it is…its convenient!

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