Bluetooth not secure! Surprised?

I remember when the hoopla was about radio scanners eavesdropping on analog cordless phones. Every new technology seems to introduce a new way to violate our privacy. This little gem seems to allow capturing or recording audio while a bluetooth device is not actually in a call. This would mean that you can eavesdrop from room-to-room or with a laptop, from car-to-car at a stoplight even when someone is not using their bluetooth headset.

Here is a link to a useful collectionSe sei interessato a provare Omaha Poker, ma sei un po intimidito dalle regole, provalo ai nostri tavoli da <a href=””>poker giocci</a> gratis, poich? l’unica cosa da perdere sono soldi virtuali. of bluetooth hacking tools.

Here is a link to a video demonstrating the bluetooth hack.


2 responses to “Bluetooth not secure! Surprised?

  1. There was some discussion about whether this would even work. The main point was that devices had to be “paired” before they could even begin communicating and unless someone left their device in the pairing mode it wouldn’t work.

    Turns out, that is not the case. The hack works fine even on devices that are not in pairing mode by spoofing a “forget” message causing the target device to resend the link key used to encrypt the conversations between the two paired devices.

    More details here:

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