Monthly Archives: February 2008

Give me your keys and your wallet!

Most people wouldn’t fall for the average con man on the street…why then are they willing to just hand over the keys to their entire life at the simplest email request… Continue reading



We are getting used to waiting.  We wait for auctions to end, orders to arrive and downloads to finish.  Of course, none of these things are new.  But they are becoming a way of life.  Instead of driving to the bookstore we now can purchase any book we want from Amazon but of course, we have to wait for it to arrive. 

For a while, it seemed like it was all about instant gratification.  But maybe the Internet is forcing us to be more patient as business models evolve.  Just an observation.

 What do you think?

I’m not computer literate!

How many times have you heard someone apologize for not being computer literate?  I guess i’m getting to a point where this just becomes annoying.  No one apologizes for being a bad driver or not being able to use the new array of TV-side appliances like the Tivo, the VHS, the DVD, the cable box…it’s not that i’m irritated at at the person apologizing.  As a software developer i’m more irritated with my own industry. Continue reading

Adventures in Jailbreaking a 1.1.3 iTouch in 2 simple steps

I know there are hundreds of sites that describe how to upgrade, download, break in and break out of iPhones and iTouches. I was intending to wait until the official release of the iPhone SDK because I simply didn’t have time to try and repair my iTouch after I turned it into a brick through the unavoidable experimentation with different sometimes vague directions on how to jailbreak your device. Continue reading