Give me your keys and your wallet!

Most people wouldn’t fall for the average con man on the street…why then are they willing to just hand over the keys to their entire life at the simplest email request…

If a person walks up to you on the street and demands “Give me your credit cards and the passwords to your bank account!” what would you say or do? 

You are eating dinner and you receive a phone call from someone telling you that there has been some strange activity on your bank account but you need to provide your account number to verify you are the account holder.  Would you give it to them?

Most people have enough common sense to protect themselves from scam artists but when it comes to the Internet a normal person becomes one of those suckers from that famous quote by P.T. Barnum.  P.T. said “there is a sucker born every minute” but on the Internet it seems like we are all suckers.

I have a family member who fell for one of the Ebay phishing emails from Russia.  Through her Ebay account, they were able to get access to her PayPal account and through her PayPal account they could access her bank account.  The one email turned her life upside down.  She had to cancel bank accounts, get new credit cards and so on.  This happened to one of the most savvy people you will ever meet on the street.  Under no other circumstance would you ever be able to take this sort of advantage of this person.

So here is my question…what is it about the Internet that makes it so easy for scam artists and con men to find victims?  Also, if you have any stories of friends or family falling victim, I would love to share them here.


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