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Bluetooth not secure! Surprised?

I remember when the hoopla was about radio scanners eavesdropping on analog cordless phones. Every new technology seems to introduce a new way to violate our privacy. This little gem seems to allow capturing or recording audio while a bluetooth device is not actually in a call. This would mean that you can eavesdrop from room-to-room or with a laptop, from car-to-car at a stoplight even when someone is not using their bluetooth headset.

Here is a link to a useful collectionSe sei interessato a provare Omaha Poker, ma sei un po intimidito dalle regole, provalo ai nostri tavoli da <a href=””>poker giocci</a> gratis, poich? l’unica cosa da perdere sono soldi virtuali. of bluetooth hacking tools.

Here is a link to a video demonstrating the bluetooth hack.